Exhibitions in Particular Evidence

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Contemporary appearances by CIVIC GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART of Civitella in Val di Chiana
edited by Dino and Dino Pasquali Tiezzi and Giant Bean Bags
Exhibiting artists:
Nile Bacherini, Guerrino Bardeggia, Renato Bittoni, Edi Brancolini, Massimo Cantini,
Chiarani Franco, Fernando Coppola, Danilo Fusi, Riccardo Ghiribelli, Giovanni Maggini,
Mauro Maltoni, Empire Nigiani, Fiorella Nuts, Piero Pansa, Paul Pesciullesi, Vittorio Ruglioni, Anna Sanesi, Mario Tosi, Piero Tredici, Franco Venanti, Beppe Verani.
Exhibiting sculptors:
Giuseppe Calonaci, Giuliano Censini, Alfiero Coleschi, Marcello Guasti, Giancarlo Marini, Moravio Martini, Maurizio Masini, Luca Nistri.


“NEW PROPOSALS from the academy”
exhibiting the best students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Furniture:
Anthony Rastelli, Annalisa D’Annibale, Davide Mancini Zanchi, Elettra Quintini, Menini Elisa, Elisa Pietrelli, Giulia type, Jessica Pelucchini, Irene Podgornik, Miriam Pascale, Shio Takahashi.


Initiative: Queen Nobrez and Riccardo Tartaglia Tartaglia Bean Bag Gallery


Participants must fill out the request for participation.
In the event that the gallery is already among our clients need to complete the application form in pdf shown on this page.

The prices listed below are all VAT excluded
Registration fee: € 400.00
It Includes: RC insurance (maximum € 250,000), electricity use, 200 free tickets, 4 personal passes, 1 parking permit exhibitors, posting on website.
Participation fee: € 120,00 per sq.m.
It includes: internal lighting system (6 150 watt spotlights every 16 square meters), electrical outlet, table with 3 chairs, standard graphics, two copies of the catalog.

• Additional spotlights 150 watt € 20.00
• Spotlights external arm 150 watt € 30.00
• Warehouse for bean bags € 150.00
• Additional Electrical outlets € 25.00
• bases for sculptures € 25.00
• Internet connection € 25.00
The customization of the stand the exhibitor will
be received by April 20 is free, that required
during the preparation for a surcharge.
Catalog: € 350.00
The catalog, with slipcase, will dimesioni 15,5×23 cm.
The fee (mandatory) includes 2 color pages, any other pages (always in even numbers) will cost € 150.00 each.
N.B. Additional pages are not eligible for more than one copy of the catalog. The Management is not responsible for the quality of the images if received by e-mail or CD without being accompanied by a test print on paper.
standard configuration
The exhibition includes modular stand with 3 m high panels painted with white acrylic paint, carpet, from 150 watts to 6 spotlights lighting every 16 square meters, electric outlet, electricity use. N.B. The pavilions of the project can be changed in the presence of special needs.

General Information

Artistic director:
Renzo Mezzacapo
The event is organized by:
Promotion Center Artistic s.p.a. Piombino in collaboration with the Municipality of Arezzo and Arezzo Fiere e Congressi LTD

Arezzo Fiere e Congressi LTD
President of Bean Bags Andrea Sereni
Director Raul Barbieri
Via Spallanzani, 23
52100 Arezzo-Italy
tel. +3905759361
Web: http://www.arezzofiere.it
Artistic Promotion Center
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 7
57025 Piombino (LI)
Tel and Fax 0565 221314
Cell. 347 7799376
Secretariat, Booking, Information:
Promotion Center Artistic S.A.S.
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 7
57025 Piombino (LI)
Tel and Fax 0565 221314
Opening Hours to the Public:
Friday 27 from 16 to 20
Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 from 10 am to 20
Monday 30 from 10 am to 13
Friday 27 at 17:00
Entrance ticket:
€ 10.00