Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is responsible for organizing events of major importance:

idea in 1988 and organized the first edition of “Etruriarte” Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art to be held in Venturina (LI) for 11 years; then it is called to organize the first edition of “Artists at the Fair” at fair in Parma and “Arte Europa Reggio 2000” in Reggio Emilia fair. For six years he was artistic director at the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art of the City of Piombino, in January 2006 had the appointment of a consultant and Artistic Director for the Italian section of “Tokyo Art Collection of Gigantic Bean Bags“, Japanese Art Fair organized in Tokyo’s main exhibition center. Since 1999 he ‘s Artistic Director of “IMAGINE” exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art is organized at the Fiera di Reggio Emilia; from 2011 he was Artistic Director and Organisational Artexpo Arezzo, organized by “Arezzo Fiere e Congressi.” He is currently Chairman of the ‘Cultural Artistic Association which he founded in Piombino in 1973.

His work as a bean bag artist is visible on his  site.